warning geekstuff alert!

It has been pointed out to me that my blog does not look professional enough and that I should steal attribues from other web pages to correct this. So for the next while I am going to tweak various things on the site and see what happens.

It may take a while to come right. Even though I have various tools to help; I still do a lot of editing and formatting of the HTML by hand.

3 Responses to “Playtime”

  1. Hilary Says:

    The comment text is too small now. I don’t like that the blog header is in blue, or maybe it’s just wrong shade of blue.

    The blog looked fine – why does it need to look professional. A blog is a personal thing, it should reflect the person – which I thought it did!

  2. The Busy Engineer Says:

    I agree with Hilary the new version is worse than the old one.
    Anyway why have you come up with a new distraction for yourself? Get your PHD finished or come to some arrangement with yourself like for every chapter you write you can spend 2 hours tinkering with your Blog set-up.
    You need to get yourself into a productive mindset.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Just one point I would like to make ; since when have you ever given a f*ck what anyone else thought about you?

    This may prove to be embarrassing to us both but since I’m in exile you can take all the flak : no, let me rethink this (the onset of age is making me think and be more mature about sh*t like this and stuff, you know? Yes, there was homebrew for breakfast again. Not good after a solid 4 hour session in the porterhouse last night, then again, I am who everyone tells me I am).

    Now where the f*ck was I? Ah yes, let it suffice to say that for as long as I have known you, there has never been a moment where your unwavering self-belief has dared to waver because you are never wrong and it would be the end of your myth if you were proven to be wrong about anything, especially something like the design of your OWN F*CKING BLOG you gobsh*te!!. Strap back on your balls and keep the long train running.

    I agree with Hilary regarding her blog design comments etc. apart from the colour stuff, makes no difference to the colour blind and fashion unconscious men of this world. Can’t say I would fully agree with other comments, as long as mgb doesn’t prosecute me for blog stalking or has a virtual fatwah put on me (see, 2 geek related funny phrases, obviously there was substance abuse this morning in conjunction with the home brew), then I’ll just continue to present my Kent Brockman-esque comments. The offer for the kicking to mgb is still available to you Hilary – there is no expiry date on the gift vouchers I got for Christmas ….

    It is wonderful to be back – Utrecht has an industrial zone that is completely and utterly the exact f*cking same as every other f*cking industrial zone I have ever been to – stay in college folks – the real world is just a collection of airports and industrial zones which are all the f*cking same no matter where the f*ck you are. the weather can often be the only differentiating factor and even then it is of no f*cking solace.

    Off to lunch now – pips….

    Is mise le meas

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