ach! zombies.

Apparently boy eats girl was initially refused a release permit on the grounds that it glorifies suicide. I certainly know I wanted to kill myself after the movie, but I was able to control my self-destructive urges and now I just want to inflict serious bodily harm on the actors, the directors, writers and just about anybody associated with the movie, the families, friends, neigbours and pets. Thats the last time I let someone else select the movie!!

For those who don’t know; boy eats girl is a bad American High School horror/zombie movie that happens to be set in Dublin and starring Irish zombies, I mean actors. Certainly its the only zombie movie I’ve ever seen where zombies can run! Yes run, not just shuffle along really quickly – I know zombies are supposed to be slow yet they always seem to be able keep up with the fleeing hero/heroine/car/whatever. Maybe zombies move fast only when no-one is looking. Not in this movie however, they were moving fast all the time. Nor should zombies have facial expressions and certainly not ones that change, well not change unless their head is half chopped off or their lips rot away or something.

Although the movie did do a good job of capturing the vacuous lifestyle of american-style teenagers in mixed private school that is probably the same the world over, so you had aspersion (and aspirtation) towards casual sex, girls who were (had been) ill with bulimia and went to end-of-term dances and stuff like that.

The rest of the weekend consisted of beer and such, the usual. Did some DIY at my parents. Managed to not buy books and more or less took things easy. Went running in the rain today.

Apparently The Revs are playing in Dolan’s on thursday, if anyone wants to go.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    Well, I don’t much like zombie movies but “Land of the Dead” is a more traditional one. Although I just find them silly, not scary. “Wolf Creek” is a real horror movie: scary because it could be (or possibly was) real (and I like the way the film was shot).

  2. mgb Says:

    Wolf Creek would have made a really good zombie movie as well. Strange man in the outback capturing people, killing htem and turning them into zombies. Then use the zombies to track down escapees

  3. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Shaun of the Dead is quite good!

  4. Dan Sullivan Says:

    15 yoyos for the Revs seems kinda steep for me.

  5. The Busy Engineer Says:

    Whadya mean “Thats the last time I let someone else select the movie!!”
    You picked the crappy movie even when there were grunts of disparovement although they were without anyone else actually taking the responsibility of choosing another crappy movie and risk getting blamed. Anyway I digress.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i thought that boy eats girl was really good and although it was far from perfect it was refreshing to see someone try something different for a change! i also thought it was funny and the acting for the most part v good.

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