Little Shop of Horrors

Went to the dentist this morning, for a check up and cleaning. Bright and early at 9am. Filled in a few forms to attest that I am fit and healthy and some benefit claim forms – not that I am entitled to anything after 4 years in college not earning any money; well not paying taxes /PRSI anyway. All in all I think I got away lightly, although I knew going in I shouldn’t have needed any more than 17 fillings/teeth removed. As she was counting out my teeth and their overall state in dentalese it was tooth 8; filling blah; tooth 7; filling blah and so on and it seems I have a lot of fillings in my back teeth, probably as many as 12 out of 17. Which seems a lot. I don’t know she didn’t comment. I didn’t ask.

It turns out I need 3 fillings, two to fix broken teeth and replace existing fillings. And one filling to be replaced in a non-broken tooth. There is some stuff that needs to be watched but probably won’t develop into anything and I need to floss.

And thats it. Some enquiries about the state of my wisdom teeth – one is only partially erupted, and I did notice how the dentist and her assistant ran out of the room while they were taking x-rays. I suppose one or two doses of radiation ain’t too bad but you wouldn’t want to work in an office doing hundreds a year.

3 Responses to “Little Shop of Horrors”

  1. The Busy Engineer Says:

    I’ve queried the dentist before about how light they’re lead lined door is. Afterwards I could swear they deliberately change to a larger drill bit..

  2. mgb Says:

    see what happens when you shoot your mouth off!

    Probably no more than you deserved.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Taking the high ground on someone else running their mouth off?

    The goldfish memory seems to have taken root yet again

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