alcohol, books and new people

Land of the Dead is a lot better than any other zombie movies that are out at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it is very good at all. However, if you ignore the bad acting, the stupid dialogue, the massive holes in the plot/structure/setting and the unbelievably crappy premise then you have a not-very-good movie with a lot of unnecessarily gratuitous violence. But at least it doesn’t have Samantha Mumba! Hopefully there will be some good movies out soon. Either that or I shall have to have words with the people who pick crap movies week after week after week!!!

Finally made it to the gym for a Saturday morning session, which I have been threatening for a while; ever since my evenings have been taken up by fencing, yoga and spinning. Saturday morning is a good time to go to the gym as it is fairly quiet, but it means getting up early.

Even though we were at the gym early(ish) we were late for lunch. But we were able to get seats in The Wild Onion. It was somewhat close to closing time so they had no burgers, tuna or veg left. But there were some good sandwiches and witty banter and repartee with Ruth.

Terry Pratchett’s new books were published Saturday. So I indulged (hands up anyone who didn’t see that coming!). Quite disappointed that O’Mahony’s only had Thud! and not Where’s my Cow as well. Not very surprised as they have been quite bad at getting in new sci-fi & fantasy books soon after publication recently. But the staff didn’t even seem to be aware that Where’s my Cow existed, and gave stupid advice about finding childrens books in the librarian/reference section, and in the end I had to buy it in Easons. There are some more books out soon that I have my eye on so I hope they come in reasonably on time. And of course there are all the other books I will never get around to reading or even buying!!!

Saturday night we decided/were informed that we would be having a fancy dress halloween party in the flat including guillotine, gallows, stocks and santa claws. I have to find a different costume as I am not allowed to re-use the one from last year. Not that I can anyway as I gave away the wig. Everyone is invited. We had beer to celebrate the news and to practice our heavy drinking.

Sunday I went to my parents for dinner. Dad has been asked to call into work to discuss his status, which could mean anything from “take as much time as you need” to “why aren’t you back yet” to “here is an early retirement package”. Hopefully it will be the latter.

Was also in Curragh Chase on Sunday for a bit of a ramble. Haven’t been there in ages.

We have some new people starting in the (soon-to-be) Wireless Access Research Centre. They don’t all have web pages or blogs yet, but soon enough I suppose. Ronan is even threatening to bring in cheesecake to celebrate and apparently we need to make up a scary initiation ritual

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  1. sweet pinkette Says:

    I agree 100% about Land of the Dead. Not Romero’s best work either.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Storee Michael?

    You really should consider the option of composing a “one whinge fits all” film review. Even by my abnormal standards of concentration your repetitive claptrap about all films being essentially a load of c*ck comments are becoming weary. I would like to be techy and do something like underlined links but guess who is f*cking appallingly retarded when it comes to microwave ovens with keyboards? Anyone want to sign my petition to re-open the abacus factory?

    Anyway, no news this seaboard. Doing f*ck all work and getting rave reviews cos I’m just giving lectures and talks about the life I have chosen (please allow me some form of romanticism about what I do for a living) and they all think I am great/fantastic/splendid/deadly buzz (delete where demograph is applicable).

    And as for you, the latter end contents of this particular entry of yours, I really can say just one thing : no f*cking wonder you haven’t finished your proctorate – too busy doing f*ck all about f*ck all. Ben Elton was specifically talking about you when he said that everything is interesting when something has to be done.

    Get the finger out.

    Such a trip for me to give out to you for a change – time for a happy pill :) ))))))))

    Is mise le meas

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was wondering, if a lady says a film is a load of co*ck is that meant to say it’s a good film or a bad film?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would first ask said lady if the film was of a pornographic nature or not. At which juncture I would be in a position to opine with a reasonable level of accuracy as to the level of satisfaction gained by said lady from the viewing of the aforementioned film, that being stated as being indeed, a load of c*ck.

    One rests one case m’lud

    Is mise le meas

  5. The Busy Engineer Says:

    congratulations Mike.
    A Published Author at last.

  6. mgb Says:

    woohoo. I am all excira and delira.

    at least I would be if I was Gay Byrne!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You would be cursing the spirit of Russell Murphy if you were Gay Byrne or at the very least asking someone a question in a patronising manner and then taking the piss out of the answer in an insipidly begrudging tone ….

    Splendid news on the publication Michael, do you think in some small and insignificant way it may inspire you to remove the artillery of lead from your arse and get on with finishing your PhD so that you can be published again?

    Is mise le meas

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