Fame etc….

I got published. WooHoo.

Hello to anybody who found their way here through the San Diego Reader. If you are wondering why you are at www.autoschism.com instead of www.ul.ie/mgbarry; I moved to my own site about 6 weeks ago as the college network was getting very busy and unreliable. Feel free to look around, leave comments (be nice, well more or less), feed the cats etc etc.

5 Responses to “Fame etc….”

  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Should we bookmark autoschism and leave the ul link die a death.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Are you plotting to kill the legend that is the UL link?

    I am so disappointed in you Dan …

    You don’t ask to kill, you just do and then talk about it in code for many moons before turning state’s witness .. Not that I would know about any of this you understand and this conversation never happened.

    Is mise le meas

  3. mgb Says:

    If you like, I am using redirect tags in the UL site, so the autoschism stuff should appear automagically anyway

  4. Anonymous Says:

    If you like? Since when exactly did you understand the true meaning of customer service? F*cking Nora Mike, get the boat out of your hole and do some f*cking work! 32 in December and you discover customer service after spending the last 14 years in the one industry that not only despises but positively encourages the ridicule of those who may request assistance or a service ….

    I would call you two faced but then again so am I, however being two faced is not only a natural gift for me, but it is also a pre requisite for my work.

    Just do some f*cking work and stop offering to help people who they themselves should be getting down to some f*cking work also. I’m talking to you Danny boy, get back to f*cking work the lot of you.

    I’m off to lunch now. No f*cking about while I am gone, do some f*cking work cos I will be looking for some f*cking progress this afternoon.

    To think Brother f*cking Louie had the cheek to question my attention span – look at this bunch of f*cking starlings!!

    Is mise le meas

  5. Mark Says:

    Hey Mike, I finally started blogging after some arm twisting by my fellow co-workers. Congrats on the publication…

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