Lots of birthdays in late November and December. Mark was 32 last Thursday, but wanted to keep it quiet. Too late for that now I suppose!!

My mum was 60 on Saturday. We all went for dinner and then Sunday she went out with some of her friends for a girls night out (almost pensioners night out doesn’t have the same ring to it!!). They came back to my parents house a bit tipsy and Eddie and I had to escape to the pub to avoid a horde of drunken boisterous 60+ year olds.

This week Edu and Ronan have birthdays and Noelles and mine aren’t far away either. And then later in we have Eddie’s birthday (he will be 35!!!) and of course jesus’s.

Here is a pic of my mum and her sister getting ready to go out…

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  1. Jamie Says:

    was this, in fact, a cunning ploy to remind us all that you birthday is coming up and we should all be researching which bottle of whisky we’re going to buy you?? :-)

  2. mgb Says:

    Not at all!!!!! I wouldn’t do anything as subtle as that. It would be more like “mike’s birthday – give whiskey”> I don’t think people celebrate 31st birthdays anyway.

    Darren and Donogh have started to refer to my mum and her sister as Patty and Selma so the whole post was to use the picture for their amusement

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