We’re Alright!

Our bar people in both our locals are really very good to us and will often serve us beer a wee bit after closing time and are generally in no hurry to kick us out. The payment for this seems to be that they get to treat us with disdain and can insult us whenever they like.

Personally, I blame John for all this as he keeps breaking the round system. Nev and I started going for beer after fencing a couple of years ago. I had the seicento of doom and so we would only have one pint and be on our merry way. After we moved into town Yann joined us. After a few weeks Orla must have got sick of us turning up and nursing our single pints for ages and so one evening she dropped 3 pints in front of us with a “sure ye were going to order them anyway”. Since then its been a confused jumble-round-thing of 3 people having 2 pints on a wed night.

Then Archery got in the way so we moved the round to Thursday night. This suited everybody and we were able to pressgang John in as a fourth person and drop the whole whose night off is it thing. Except, if he isn’t coming from the gym, John keeps turning up late and doing strange things like ordering Heineken. And the girls have got used to us turning up as a group of 3 loking for 3 Guinness, and we get stange looks when people order 2 (or God help us only 1) pints and then change the order later on by adding orders for John. Catherine is coping by being Catherine, which ocassionaly means we have to order twice or cancel a second order that she will pour out of habit. And Orla copes by insulting us!

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  1. le Comte de Saint Germain Says:

    Correction, it was the first night that the three of us turned up that Orla landed us with the second round.

  2. Hilary Says:

    That sounds like a fun scenario. Definitely more interesting than anything that ever happens when we go to the pub :-(
    We need to find a local!!

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