Uncomfortably Numb

Had my final (for now) visit to the dentist, and while I may be 300 Euro poorer I am 3 fillings richer.

3 Responses to “Uncomfortably Numb”

  1. The Busy Engineer Says:

    €100 a filling?
    Did they have big windows?

  2. mgb Says:

    no windows. I actually got off relatively lightly today at 65euro. The other fillings were 75euro a pop and 85euro for the initial check-up and cleaning!!

    no windows doesn’t come close, Mary only has one surgery but she does have an additional waiting room. So when she is seeing more than one patient I think she swaps them in and out of the surgery/waiting room. Of course there are no windows in either the second waiting room or the surgery. No wonder dentists go crazy.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Go have some chocolate toffee to celebrate and then get back to f*cking work!!

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