All the cool kids are doing it!!!

The Keys to Your Heart

5 Responses to “All the cool kids are doing it!!!”

  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Don’t you have to have a heart first?

  2. mgb Says:

    Think outside the box a bit. Let the guinness spill on the books and then I can make a heart out of paper-mache!

    Hey! its probably more accurate/complete/correct than some people’s answers

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If I ever catch you allowing a Guinness to spill I will be angrier than the angriest day in angry town and verily I will layeth upon you the arse kicking to end all arse kickings. I will then assist you with some of the trickier yoga positions : Head 360, Lotus in a TVR, Burst Bollocks and my own favourite; Apoplectic.

    Then I will give you a solid ear bashing with respect to yet another display of you spend your day doing less than f*ck all.

    Both of the above have been proven to be correct/accurate/complete in the past so no f*cking chance of being proven otherwise.

    Have a happy Thursday

    Is mise le meas

  4. Dan Sullivan Says:

    I found those keys, they were down the back of the sofa. I had to climb all over a young lady to find them though.

  5. Steven Orr Says:

    Wait! Why is my bookcase in your blog?

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