Haircut 100… 99… 98…

One of the not so fun things about gettting haircuts these days is that it is becoming more and more obvious that hair isn’t growing back in all the places it was cut from last time. On the bright side having less hair means I don’t have to spend so long in the barbers. They still charge you the same though.

Off to Killarney this evening for the funeral of the father of a friend of mine. Going to stay overnight and hopefully be back up in time for lunch and rugby tomorrow.

I started the whole headstand sequence in yoga properly this week. A bit too much strain on the neck, but good fun. Must practice.

Bit of a nosebleed this morning, no apparent reason – must be stress of something!!!! Lots of blood and I managed to roll over my headphones twice while trying to stop the bleeding and now they don’t work. Crushed and bloody headphones make me sad.

2 Responses to “Haircut 100… 99… 98…”

  1. Ianlimerick Says:

    Haircuts, Ahhh! (sigh) I remember those….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hate haircuts

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