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Not much time for blogging recently. Busy, distracted, crazy in no particular order. But apparently people expect something every now and then. There have even been complaints.

Horrible bus journey’s aside; Gary’s dads funeral in Killarney went as well as can be expected. Lots of nice touches; the funeral cortege walked through the down on sat morning, which doesn’t happen in Limerick anymore. There were no less than 4 guards of honor from different sports clubs and local organisation that Gary’s family has been part of.

Killarney cathederal is a nice building, sort of isolated in the middle of town (although, apparently 4 streets and something like 30 families were demolished/evicted to make room for it). Its a more-or-less standard cross-shaped Gothic Cathederal built in the 1840s by Lord Kenmare to help alleviate suffering caused by the famine (except for the eviceted families, I suppose). Its being renovated at the moment and the altar had been moved to a stage near the center of the church (at the base of the head of the cross). So the altar is very close to the people in the body of the church creating a nice intimate venue, while behind the altar the whole head of the cross looms dark and deep and foreboding and a little bit mysterious.

Lots of beer etc as is traditional at these things. most of it in the Lake Hotel in Killarney which is in a fantastic location.

Between beer and funeral stuff and too-warm hotel rooms and cemetries half way up mountains on cold days, I came down with a nasty cold and associated coughiung and mucus and suffering so I ended up missing a few days of college. So I had a few days to myself alternatively feeling miserable and bored, according to how much medication I was taking and when. Hurrah for Family Guy and dvds. And books – although I can always tell that i am really sick when I can’t concentrate on reading for more than a couple of hundred pages a day.

We have had a string of birthdays. Mark’s and My Mums last weekend – I took my parents to the Greenhills in Limerick. And this week Ronan’s and Edu’s. Ronan’s birthday is tomorrow but as he and I are off to Paris for a project meeting tomorrow we had tasty treats a day early. Edu, who is 28 on Friday, is still away in Rome.

Our 5 mile run is coming up real fast (dec 09 don’t forget to sponsor someone) and the usual suspects are out training in secret. I haven’t been doing enough running since october so I will just have to hope that what little I have done along with aerobics and spinning and yoga and fencing will stand to me in the end.

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