Making your mind up…

From today’s Irish Times
It is expected to call for an improvement in the constitutional rights of the child by stating that all children, irrespective of birth, gender, race or religion, are equal before the law

This not even two years after we explicitly modified the constitution to say that not all children are equal by birth. (I voted no )

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, a person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, who does not have, at the time of the birth of that person, at least one parent who is an Irish citizen or entitled to be an Irish citizen is not entitled to Irish citizenship or nationality, unless provided for by law.

I know the two are probably not quite contradictary, in a strict legal sense; but its still idiocy. We are going to protect everyones rights regardless of whether they were born here or not, except the right to be a citizen for some of the ones who were born here.

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