Two years later…

…and there is still nothing on TV.

Qutoe stolen from nev. We watched 2.5 hrs of TV last night, something starring Ray Winstone on TV3, which wasn’t that bad in spite of all the ads and an episode of CSI which was just terrible.

And speaking of terrible, we have tickets for that movie tonight…

One Response to “Two years later…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is that your way of saying that we (the world at large) can look forward to an incisive, witty, sometimes controversial and often emotional review of said film?

    At the end of which you will say what you always say, I’m a fussy f*cker and nothing meets my standards unless there is copious amounts of beer, vodka and gratuitous violence involved. or words to that effect….

    Tief ligen die felder von Athenry …

    Is mise le meas

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