You know when you’ve been tango’ed

Nothing bounces like a little rubber ball or does it!!!

Via Crooked Timber

3 Responses to “You know when you’ve been tango’ed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That would be a lot of balls. Which leads to many questions that are obviously not fit for a family show, so I will ask them here instead:
    - What the f*ck was that all about?
    - No really, there was balls flying everywhere for an ad for television.
    - F*cking colour blind is a nuisance….
    - those last two weren’t questions, this one isn’t either
    - f*ck it I’m going back to work

    I suppose since the days of San Francisco selling its soul to a nasty Ford Puma ad using clips of Bullitt, nothing was ever going to be sacred.

    Is mise le meas

  2. JoeJ Says:

    classical music in ads…the car companies do it a bit so why not;

  3. mgb Says:

    Oh dear!

    Someone has more money than sense!

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