With milk!

Niall is looking after our world cup draw.

Hi all,
Just what you’ve all waited for!!!! 7 days 5 hours and 20 minutes to go at the sending of this email. The draw is just done and its randomness verified by Ian and Edu. Team 1 is your team from the top 16 and team 2 is your team from the bottom 16. The top and bottom 16 has been taken from paddypower.ie Anyone who hasn’t yet can drop the money (€5) up to my cubicle. The prizes are as follows
€50 for the outright winner.
€30 for the team 2 (bottom 16 teams) to finish highest.

I drew
Team 1 – Germany
Team 2 – Switzerland

Which probably isn’t the worst, Other people weren’t so lucky

Team 1 – Ivory Coast
Team 2 – Australia

And some people did quite a bit better

Team 1 – Brazil
Team 2 – Paraguay

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