The bottom seeded teams to reach the knock-out rounds were Ecuador, Ghana, Australia and Switzerland. Since each of these teams went out at the same point in the competition it comes down to points in group stage. Out of this 4 ,Ecuador and Ghana both gained 6 points in the group stage with Australia racking up 4 points but the winner was Switzerland with 7 points. They also topped their group and finished highest in the latest fifa rankings so this means Mike Barry picks up €30.

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Someone needs to take those rankings out the back and give them the hiding they deserve. I know the evidence is very MissCumStancial but I reckon money is changing hands at the highest levels in FIFA.

    Look at those ranks – England are 5th up 5 while Portugal who made the semis by beating England drop one place and Germany who finished third move up one to 9th, … and wait a second,… holy bullcrap we’re down 8 to 39th 2 places above Scotland.

    And hey, there is the fictional country of Oz at 33! If someone takes the time to check it out I’ll beat you that they can find Mordor amongst the lowers levels.

  2. Anonymous Says:

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