What a difference a day makes.

4 months ago we didn’t have a TV in the apartment, and hadn’t had one for 2 years. Those were the days…

4 Responses to “What a difference a day makes.”

  1. Dan Sullivan Says:


  2. JoeJ Says:

    oooh, shiny! Does it have HDMI?

  3. mgb Says:

    of course it has hdmi. In fact it has TWO hdmi ports.

    Not that we have any HD stuff to use with it. I did try ity out with my pc (dvi-hdmi cable required) and that was pretty neat – especially with picture-in-picture.

    Must buy an Xbox 360 :-)

  4. JoeJ Says:

    i’m impressed! and if you get an xbox 360 you can get all nostalgic and play games from before my time like geometry wars in HDTV goodness!

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