Nothing is always absolutely so

John Waters seems to believe that 57% of the Internet is pornography. And he is probably correct, I haven’t done the same extensive research in the topic. Apparently, most of the remaining 43% is equally useless. So John Waters has seemingly independently rediscovered that a huge portions of the Internet is crap. If he had asked, he could easily have been pointed towards Sturgeons Law “that 90% of everything is crud”. Which presumably means that John Waters has been wasting his time trying to find the 57% of the Internet that is pornography when in fact he should have been looking for the 5.7% of the Internet that is non-crud pornography. Itself as thankless task as Sturgeons law, being recursive, tells us that 90% of that is also crud. And so it goes until one goes blind searching for non-crud pornography; or for whatever reason.

Anyway, I have misquoted Sturgeons Law which actually states that “Nothing is always absolutely so”, with the 90% statement merely being a extension. What a fantastic statement “Nothing is always absolutely so” and so it is with John Waters, who seemingly has just discovered that the Internet is a jungle of blogs and pornography and opinions and pornography and crazy people and pornography, and it all seems to have unnerved him somewhat. After all many of these same bloggers can’t even string 3 words together and John has demanded that one or more suitable representative of the biogosphere be produced to prove this. But of course “Nothing is always absolutely so”, and I would imagine that it suits Mr Waters to go off on a rant about the lack of standards or ability on the Internet as it guarantees him air-time and profile, which is ultimately what he makes a living off. So to engage John Waters in public on the radio earns him cash and cachet and allows him to represent himself as defending ordinary decent journalism, while the poor blogger patsy is required to defend the entire rantings and craziness of the blogosphere, if not the Internet and its 57% pornography.

In any case I would recommend that John Waters and his enablers contact Stephen Fry who has a blog and would probably meet most peoples standards of literary quality, erudition, and wit.

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