Bank Error in Your Favour

Amongst other things, the credit crunch is also triggering currency fluctuations in the Pund Sterling and the US Dollar. As people may already know, the euro is getting stronger and stronger vs the Pound.

That is good news for those of us who buy books as book prices are often just euro equivalent of the sterling price. And sometimes a bit less. So I was able to buy Wrath of a Mad God on Saturday in O’Mahonys for €20.99 which is a bit less than the exchange rate would suggest. €20.99 is £16.47 at current rates, and the recommended retail price for the book is £18.99. So not too shabby.

Yes its cheaper to buy on amazon (at a 42% discount) but you still have to pay delivery charges and then wait for the book. This way I get it at a price I am more than happy to pay (although roll on parity and sub €20.00 hardbacks!) and I don’t have to wait to start it. Not that I have started it or anything, but it is top of the list of books to read next. Well near the top. At least its on the list…

UPDATE to correct figures from €22.99/£17.93 to €20.99/£16.47 for even cheaper books.

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