Judas Wept!

This weekend’s book purchase was Judas Unchained by Peter F Hamilton. At €11.99 its not the same bargain busting price of last weeks purchase with the direct translation of the UK price being £8.99/€11.29. Still at 1234 pages its not a bad deal. Yes 1234 pages, which means that together with its companion Pandora’s Star the Commonwealth Saga is a hefty 2386 pages. I am not so impressed with the books and have yet to figure out if they are best used as doorstops or books.

I suppose there is a lesson here somewhere about not just buying any random rubbish using book vouchers (because its not my money!) and then having to buy the second book (because I’ve started so I’ll finish!!). But for the life of me I can’t see it. And I’m sure I will do it again and again. But at least only in paperbook and the first hit is always free…

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  1. skitz Says:

    .. have you read the books from last weekend?

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