Instant Training

Its been quite a while since I have had a cup of instant coffee. We don’t keep any in the flat and its easy enough to avoid elsewhere.
As well, I have, more or less, trained myself to take coffee without sugar or milk in the last while. I am not at the stage where I can taste subtle differences between coffees yet, but neither is black coffe just a horriblly bitter got beverage any more either.
So I can tell the difference, or at least tell there is a difference, between coffee from javas cafe, or the shop, the common room and so on. Upping my coffee intake towards 4 or 5 cups a day has probably helped.
And so my first cup of instant for ages, train coffee… (insert ominous music) instant coffee is horrible when taken black. At least the stuff they sell on Irish Rail is anyway. Its weak and witery and cold. And suprisingly bitter, .almost in a “what do you expect its only instant” kind of way. Its enough to put one of instant for good. Or at least between trains!
This is also a training post in that its my first post here, .as a sort of test of the system before I formally move over. Its also my first time posting from a mobile phone, although Opera Mini is a good enough browser that the only real difference is the keyboard. And its my first post from a train.

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