This is my newish blog, same as the oldish blogs. Its kinda been up and running for a few weeks, but we (well, Nev) has been smoothing the edges and generally trying to get the whole thing stable. Many of the posts below have previously been posted elsewhere too. In fact I wrote them here and copied and pasted them into blogger.

This is my third blog location in 5 years. All the archived posts from my blogger blogs should be here, although they go a bit scattered and mangled the further back you go!

For now its a pretty basic design, using one of the standard wordpress templates. In time I shall do something about that, but as the blog exists as part of a bigger project, which I shall let Nev talk about in his own time. So don’t expect too many changes too soon.

As I am living in Germany for a while, I expect the bias of the site will swing that way. But we shall see.

As usual comments, etc are welcome. Play nice!

7 Responses to “Wilkommen”

  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Will it be a case of Meet the New blog same as the Old blog?

  2. mgb Says:

    More or less, but hopefully I’ll post more often, although it would be difficult to post less than I have been in recent times.

  3. Ronan Says:

    Site looks good! good job mgb & nev!

  4. Eoin Brazil Says:

    Shiny shiny!

    Ist alles klar ? Wie findest du Deutschland ? Viele spaB, ich hoffe.

    Sorry my Deutch is pretty horribly rusty, good to hear the classes and all are going well. Enjoy!

  5. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Hmmm site template looks suspiciously like someone else’s, won’t say who though.

  6. Neville Gawley Says:

    That might be because it’s the default wordpress template.

  7. mgb Says:

    Its easy enough to play with colours and whatnot, but its the same basic template! A quick browse hasn’t found anything I like better. Not yet anyway. And I am not inclined to write my own either.

    And I would really like a banner pic instead of the bluish box.

    So I’ll eventually beg/borrow/steal a new template and ask Nev to install it.

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