Hair of The Dog

Went to a bbq last night out in the sticks, well not quite the sticks. But it seems I can’t remember the S-Bahn we took or where we got off, which is what happens when you run after people through a busy hauptbahnof and on to a train. I seem to recall looking at a map of Eicheanu sometime last night, so it was most probably there. The S-Bahn is quick, clean and convenient, and runs late, the all-but-last train is at 12:15 and there is a late train at 02:15 so not too shabby. As we got the 12:15 train back to the city centre, the U-Bahn was still running and I was able to get that home.

The BBQ was meat oriented, which is good and alcohol oriented which is equally good, if not better. Argentinian beef marinaded in red wine, blood, garlic and peppers worked out really well as did everything else. There was even salad and fruit for dessert to make up for the not quite cholesterol friendly meat course. I like to think I am watching what I eat so that I can eat Argentinian beef (in moderation) when the occasion arises.

We had a few beers before dinner, and then a Chilean red and a German red with the meat. After dinner we had whisky. Lagavulin is a single malt I hadn’t had before. Its an Islay malt so its a bit peaty, and the minimum age is 16 years old, so its a bit more subtle than say Talisker, which is typically 10 years old. Its a lot more subtle than Laphroaig, but then again so is being hit in the back of the head with a peat briquette. Anyway Lagvulin seems to be available at the same price as the 10 year old single malts, which indicates either its competing against the 10 year olds, its a bargain or that whisky is cheap here in Germany. I expect experimentation lies ahead…

This morning I was up early, but not early enough for the South Africa v New Zealand match. But I made it into the city centre in good time for to watch France get hammered by Australia, A few beers wasn’t the best idea, not on top of a breakfast of yogurt, juice and a bananananana. But alls well that ends well. A club sandwich worked wonders and anyway this is Bavaria so I wasn’t the only person walking the streets after lunch with a few beers in them.

Bought a few bits and pieces and a book, which only goes to show that I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own drunk, or sober. There was an orchestar rehearsing in the collonade of the Feldherrnhalle on Odeonsplatz so I grabbed a coffee and sat there for a while.

So not bad for a first weekend in Germany. Sunday I have to do homework and chores and generally be domestic. I am also planning a couple of hours in the Olympiapark with my camera, weather permitting. So here’s hoping for cooler than 30 degrees and less than 90% humidity.

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    Hi Mike!

    Congrats on the PhD and the move to Germany :D

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