10 years later…

For some reason the abstract page on my MEng thesis has the title “Control Architectures for an Advanced Mobile Terminal” even though the thesis title is “A Flexible Control Architecture for the UMTS Mobile Terminal”.

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I hope I don’t do the same with the PhD thesis; I wouldn’t want any of the 1.5 people who read it to be disappointed. Although I am pretty sure I know most, if not all, of the people who have read my MEng (its more than 1.5 as I can make people read it!!!) and I can’t remember them ever mentioning this before.

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  1. Ubollix - for it is he Says:

    I could always just ask if it makes any difference? To anything?

  2. mgb Says:

    of course not, its just random ramblings!

  3. Eoin Brazil Says:

    After reading Jamie’s post, I’d wonder about this PhD gig thing ….

    I’m pretty sure that it might be closer 15.0 people who’ve read you’re MEng but that’s guessing.

    Good to hear things are going well!

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