A case of the number 1s

I got a 1 for my test on the Dative case :-)

I had 2 errors out of 30, where I basically mixed up what was Neutral and Feminie gender and so used the wrong prepositions. I should have known that couch is feminine: “die Couch”, but Chuffy tends to monoplise Helga and so my relationship with her isn’t great! Café is a French import and so should be “das Café.”

Roll on the Genetive Case

4 Responses to “A case of the number 1s”

  1. skitz Says:

    DIE COUCH DIE! what’s the couch ever done to you? eh?

  2. Ubollix - for it is he Says:

    In the words of Liddane – could you not just look underneath?

  3. mgb Says:

    You know, that kind of thing is probably not allowed in single sex schools anymore… …or indeed any kind of school

  4. Ubollix - for it is he Says:

    As long as there are bicycle sheds there will be looking underneath…

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