The problem with overt propaganda is that half an hour later you are hungry for more.

Just spent a long wee-while watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympics on TV. I think its the longest stretch I’ve had in front of the TV for ages. And even then I was at the Dining Table doing my Hausaufgabe, and otherwise inspiring people. The Irish contingent looked really small on TV. Right now I am watching the Simpsons…

There are, of course, videos up on YouTube already. And I imagine there will be many more in the next few days. I am almost disappointed that none of the athletes/officials who had cameras in the opening parade have posted anything yet!

I don’t actually subscribe to the idea that these Olympics are just propaganda for China. Or at least I don’t believe that China is abusing them for propaganda purposes any more than anyone else ever has.

3 Responses to “The problem with overt propaganda is that half an hour later you are hungry for more.”

  1. Ubollix - for it is he Says:

    Because it was clear that those giants of global propaganda were doing it in Athens and Sydney? I will grant you Atlanta …..

  2. mgb Says:

    Well Greece had the whole “look how great we are with our fancy new airport and metro. And our sprinter aren’t even on drugs” vibe. And then they let the Marathon be interrupted by a crazy Irishman in a kilt!! So yes, its difficult to see what they were propagandising for.

    Australia, on the other hand have the 4th largest team at the games, which isn’t bad for a country of sheep shaggers, convicts and sand farmers. I would imagine the whole Sydney games thing had some impact there…

  3. Ubollix - for it is he Says:

    You have forgotten the 4th estate as it were of Australia, the other half of their population is actually Asian/Greek. Some mixed, some not so mixed.

    Anyway, let’s look forward to the great propaganda campaign that will be London 2012. David Cameron may even attend in his role as HeWhoBeatBrownWhenAllBrownHadToDoWasNotFuckItAllUpButInsteadBrownWentAndFuckedItAllUpRoyally.\

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