Time added on

Tuesday the German school is hosting Abschlusspr├╝fung for the more advanced classes. So we don’t get to take part, but we do get to finish 45mins early to facilitate everyone else.

To make up for this the Morgenspause will be cut short by 15 mins for 3 days. This is to ensure we get our money’s worth of classroom time.

I just signed up for another 4 weeks of lessons during September. If I happen to do the second 4 also then I will get a shot at the Abschlusspr├╝fung in late October. But that requires time and money, both of which are becoming relatively scarce

3 Responses to “Time added on”

  1. Joe Says:

    they’re so considerate, aren’t they!

  2. Eoin Brazil Says:

    Don’t you need to UL wise at some point to do that thing? Otherwise sounds like a plan.

  3. mgb Says:

    I am managing to manage all the things I have some control over. I can include options and exceptions For the known unknowns, but I can’t control when/if/how they will happen. So I expect to lose 1 out of 4 weeks of German by being back in UL, but I don’t know which one. And probably drop a day or two here and there as well.

    So the next 4 weeks will be very much do-it-yourself German supported by the classroom as opposed to just going to class.

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