Bad Santa!!

From the New York Times and a Few Other Places.

It was on to the New York Public Library, where several hundred Santas gathered on the front steps shouting: “Santa wants a beer! Santa wants a beer!”

One woman turned to her husband with a frown. “This,” she said, “is really going to mess up the kids.”

There was a dicey moment when two traffic officers gave Santa Claus the eye as he and 300 pals crossed 42nd Street at the Avenue of the Americas. A Santa in the vanguard told the officers a few more Santas would be coming in their wake.

“Whose streets?” one Claus chanted. “Santa’s streets!” the crowd called back

What else can you expect from a man, who amongst other things is the patron saint of butchers, bakers and candle makers. As well as murderers, thieves, pawnbrokers, prostitutes, unmarried women and virgins!!!

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