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Its China Mieville day at Crooked Timber. What a good idea. I am now horribly tempted to start Iron Council rather than wait until I am in Scotland in February – I was saving it for plane and train journeys.

Do what you can to acquire/borrow/steal his books and read them all. Anybody looking to borrow his books (except King Rat, which I don’t have a copy of) from me can go the back of the queue, after me, eoin, maria and danny.

Beware that Danny is the black hole of book readers – books fall into his posession and don’t get out ever, or for a long long time (he’s much worse than Maria for that). I know I do the same, but I own 98+% of the books I do that to.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    hmmm… the reviews on amazon seem pretty good and the synopsis’ are interesting. But he does seem like a writer who like to write, regardless of whether his readers want to read it all. Reminds me of Tolkien/LOTR.

    Still, once my current pile of books is gone I might put my name down at the MGB library.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You’ve gotten back _most_ of the books Ive borrowed..
    Except for the ones I havent read yet :P


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hang on! I’ve not read Quicksilver or all of the medici’s yet. I’m only getting started on Perdido Street, but it is intriguing. Doing proper specices interaction is tough stuff.

    That’s only 3 what else do I have?

    Point of information: I do have two Patrick O’Brian’s and a Storm Constantine from other friends for more than a year now!

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