My head feels stuffy, but my nose is runny (not very). I’m kinda light headed and a bit lethargic. My throat is dry – but not sore and my stomach is a bit up and down. I’ve got the whole alternately feeling hot and cold thing and my attention span is down a lot (not that anyone would notice)

But none of them are at any kind of debilitating level (yet!). Even taken together they are just at a stage where I am slightly distracted (not too much more so than usual) and so I forgot both my mobile phone and coffee for the lab this morning. And my typing is gone to pieces.

So it could be some pre-flu/cold stuff or it could be a reaction to the varnish fumes permiating the apartment from the shop downstairs. In either case there will plenty of liquids and a dose of aerobics/gym today.

Definitely a kill-or-cure type approach.

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