Mmmm… …Pie

I was alone in the apartment this week, so as any normal person would do. I made pie using a recipie I found on the Internet and donwloaded to my mobile phone!!

And I learned LOTS of things. Like, you really need vanilla essence (vanilla extract for USAians) to make good butterscotch, but in a pinch condensed milk will do. Also I need more practice in making pastry. And if you have a 9″ dish and a recipie that calls for a 12″ dish then even after you have tried to squeeze ALL the filling into the smaller dish you will still have a LOT of filling leftover. I didn’t need any lessons along the lines of “do not attempt to eat the cupful of butterscotch goo that is still in the fridge”. Although I don’t know what to do with a cupful of butterscotch goo. Maybe I should get a dog.

So a 9″ pie weighed down with butterscotch filling takes a lot of eating. So I brought it into UL and Ben, Ronan, Billy, Mike, Nev and Barry (especially Barry) stepped up and did their duty.

Maria was away at a conference this week and she wants me to make another pie as she missed this one. I will have to see what I can do!

Here is a picture of the pie.

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  1. Hilary Says:

    Oh my God, you made pie! You are so domesticated, I feel inadequate in your presence. I have been lacking in the pie-making department recently.

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