Paris, Whisky

Last week I was in Paris on business. I like Paris. At this time of year the weather is usually good and the streets are alive with people and activity. Not this time though!

On the plus side I brought a copy of Raw Spirit by Iain Banks. Which is a really really good book in its own right, and the only guide to alcohol I have ever read all the way through. Basically the book is a bio-graphical, anecdotal and in some places fictional account of Banks and his cronies travelling the length and breadth of Scotland searching for the perfect whisky. I can imagine no better reason to become a famous, wealthy and alcoholic author.

Being as impressionable as a retarded duckling I now have the strongest urge to visit Scotland myself and partake of the scenery, food and alcohol as seen in the book. In the meantime, the best I could do was buy a bottle of scotch. Good scotch whisky can be hard to come by in Ireland, us having our own ample supplies of whiskey, and being able to spell it properly. But Charles De Gaulle had a really excellent selection of single malts (all of which can be found in the book) and I ended up with a bottle of Talisker Single Malt.

Nev, Ronan, Edu and I had a dram over the w/e (some of us even had more than one). And we all agreed it is a most excellent whisky, even if Edu wanted to add red lemonade to his.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Greetings, my excellent friend mike-dude, yah – the Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the most excellent (Air guitar) whisky ever… WAY!
    Bill & Ted

  2. mgb Says:

    Thanks Ronan. any time.

    Well any time before the whisky runs out; which is probably going to be pretty soon. Must make Billy get me a bottle when he is in Glasgow!!!

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