Less Whisky…

All the whisky is gone. Donagh finished the last of it in a rather spectacular manner last Friday night, whilst demonstarting the self control and consideration of a drunken, hyperactive, six year old. And then proceeded to show absolutely no remorse on Sat evening even after a barrage of subtle yet pointed barbs.

…But I’m not bitter and I’m sure that there will be more whisky in the near future. In the very near future if I have anything to say about it. A quick trip to Southampton to visit Jamie and Hilary for the pleasure of their company seems just the thing.

In the meantime it turns out Ronan has a bottle of Highland Park, which he has been using to make hot whiskey (should that be hot whisky) with. The mind boggles!!!

Founded on these remote islands in 1798, the distillery has for two centuries produced a full-flavoured, single malt Scotch Whisky. Made from the best barley malted over burning peat from the distillery-owned Hobbister Moor; merged with waters from our own source, the Cattie Maggie spring; and aged in casks for a minimum of twelve years that shape its rare and very distinctive character.

Just the thing for Hot Whisky then.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Adding to the highland whisky debate:
    “Arguably the finest whisky in the world”.
    Dave Broom, Handbook of whisky.

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