Picked up a bottle of Talisker in London as a thank you for Padraig for letting me sleep on the floor of his living room. (Jamie and Hilary only got travel scrabble – and they had a spare bed!!). I was pleasently suprised to discover that Padraig not only likes whisky, but already had a half-empty bottle of Talsiker in the flat. And he poured a more than generous dram (a dram is a measure that is pleasing to both guest and host). Nice to know that bottle has gone to a good home.

Continuing the journey through single malt scottish whisky I picked up a bottle of Ardbeg 10 Years old. Nev and I had a dram on Tuesday. I think a few more are required before I make a final decision on whether I like it or not. Best guess is I do :-)

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