Ou est le Centre de George Pompidou

So I was in Paris (again) for a couple of days at great personal inconvenience. I like Paris, but I am not always the best single treveller in the world. That tends to exhbit itself by me not talking to anyone outside of business relationships and by me eating alone. This time was no different and I ended up having Mexican food both nights.

Mostly this was because I was out by Place de Bastille and there were lots of Americain themed restaurants in the area and one does what one can. I had to change hotels on wed as there was a fashion show a car show and soemthing else on at the same time and Paris was absolutely mobbed. On Thurs the RER emptied at Parc Des Expositions and not at the airport as one would usually expect. The first Hotel was ok 2 stars and only 68 euros a night. The second Hotel was 3 stars and 110 euros a night. Breakfast in the 2 star hotel was better.

The walk from the Bastille towards Notre Dame, the Louvre and the River is pretty good, especially if one has a passing interest in History. The Palace des Vosges, Hotel du Sully, Place Louis XIII and Bld Henry IV all just ooze history and XVI and XVII century atmosphere.

And of course the Pompidou Centre, which I have never been in because I only ever seem to come across it on random walks of Paris and almost always on a Tuesday, when it is closed. As it was this Tuesday and I didn’t have time to see it on Wed either. Next time…

I brought back some chocolate for the WAR group and whskey for the flat.

As for the title. Anyone young enough to remember zig and zag

“Roses are red, violets are blue

Mais ou est le Centre de George Pompidou”…

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