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Eoin has a newly eponymous blog.

Looks like I’ll have to update my links again and add Eoin and Mike to the list.

We could start our own social network, who links to whom are they permaent links (like the sidebar links to Jamie and Hilary), or “temporary ones” in posts. How often are people mentioned in posts etc. Who is reading what blogs, leaving comments and so on.

All the stats gatheriong and analysis seems like a perfect computer science masters or FYP project for someone in the area to supervise. And if it works for us then we can release it into the Blogsphere in general to track and gather social network dynamics. Who needs

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  1. Eoin Brazil Says:

    I think the idea of doing the whole network anaylsis on blogs is a cool idea but LinkedIn is a useful tool for its context.

    I also agree that it getting to be fun to ensure that everyone’s links are included on the list.

    BTW Thanks for noticing the new blog.

  2. amadán Says:

    Google are doing something like this with Orkut which is an “online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.” Users have a blog in terms of a scrap book and groups equivalent to news groups. People invite people to join as you cannot join directly.

    It does not provide the users with all the stats but I am sure that Google is collecting it and getting their anthropology/sociology experts to sift through it.

  3. mgb Says:

    Yes but you are all supposed to be computer scientists and this could be nice chance grow/track a smallish social circle.

    Its a nice application of the web and related technlogies and it allows monitoring of fluffy esoteric things like online relationships. And all it requires is a small bit of work (well get a student to do a lot of work).

  4. Eoin Brazil Says:

    Supervising again, argh! But it might be an idea so lets keep an eye out for an interested CS student.

  5. mgb Says:

    well the idea was more directed at Jamie as his PhD is kinda more-or-less related to Social Networks

    And he is a second year PhD Student now (sorta) and should be more than capable of bullying someone through an FYP or a Masters

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