Too many books

I only have a week left to make some headway with Ulysees for my reading group, and I am still only on page 119

Fortunately I haven’t bought too many other books in the last week, which on top of my already extensive to-read pile, not to mention libaray books would undoubtedly distratct me from the task at hand!!!!

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  1. Jamie Says:

    I’m probably not the only one to have just opened 13 links to Amazon in a second. I’m dying to spend too much of my grant on Amazon and cdwow but I can’t: it’s fallen into an administrative blackhole and is struggling to find a way out.

    To compensate, I have 15 books on loan from the library. They all need reading. They all need understanding. They’re all non-techie. This all needs to be done before my 9 month report, which is… in three weeks time.

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