A is for agility, none to be found

S is for soreness, from head to the ground

H is for hurting, gruting and frown

T is for trousers, paisley and brown

A is for awkward in pose and in stance

N is for never, not ever, no chance

G is for get-up, get-up on your head

A is for agony, I wish I was dead

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  1. amadán Says:

    W is for wondering, Oh why do you go
    U is for unhinged, your bladder could flow
    S is for sorrow, sorry I have none
    S is for silly, for what I have done

    My yoga instructor pissed me off, so I offered him my special “moon salutation.” Then I slammed my chakra shut right in his face

  2. Eoin Brazil Says:

    HeeeHeee Heeee

    Sorry but I did say it was probably too much for old farts like yourself and myself! Might be different for Maria but I reckon it’d kill me.

  3. mgb Says:

    Yoga wasn’t at all as bad as the poem may suggest. Probably 20 mins in the suana & steam room immediatly after helped (a lot). Although Eoin still wouldn’t be able for it ;-)

    Felt like crap all day thursday, however that was because I was horribly hungover after conference dinner and not yoga realted at all.

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