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The election count is all over bar the shouting. Squid did a really good job over at the Limerick Blogger and on Twitter tracking numbers and counts and keeping everyone up to date.

In the meantime there are numbers to be crunched and analyses to be performed. John has thrown up some historical graphs and figures on his blog and there will in time be counts etc available in the local and national media, online and from the councils themselves.

Anyway, the new Limerick City Council is
Fine Gael (8): South: Maria Byrne, Ger Fahy, Jim Long, Diarmuid Scully; North: Michael Hourigan, Cormac Hurley, Kevin Kiely; East: Deins McCarthy
Labour (4) South: Joe Leddin, Orla Mcloughlin; North; Tom Shortt; East: Gerry Mclouglin
Independents (3): South: Pat Kennnedy; North: Kathleen Leddin; East: John Gilligan
Fianna Fàil (1): East: Kieran O’Hanlon
Sinn Fèin (1): North: Maurice Quinlivan

Limerick City Council 2009

I can see Fine Gael doing a deal with Pat Kennedy to ensure overall control of the council. Kennedy is essentially an Independent FG councillor anyway and one year in the Mayors office as the price for his support wouldn’t be daylight robbery.

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  1. Ubollix Says:

    1) Thank Christ I’m colour blind
    2) Thank The Boss, we’re off to Bali on saturday for 2 weeks
    3) Seriously, nothing else going on these days?
    4) I thought piecharts went out with the arc and that it’s all hysterectomygrams in 3D and technicolor these days?
    5) Sister The Younger is with double child. Due to pop early December. Time to dust off all those fat jokes she has landed at me over the years. Should I start with sending her some tshirts in XXL?
    6) Up the walls and down the other side with work. Can;t complain, less trouble these days.
    7) Deadly buzz, speak anon or whatsoever. 8) Feeling quite empty now that I can’t nag you about the PhD. I will fill that space with expensively crap alcohol later.

  2. Ubollix Says:

    And where the fuck did that cunty looking smiley face come from? I don’t do smiley cunts and there is a smiley cunt where I wrote 8, is that a smiley cunt code?

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