Running away with people

Got the train to Dublin early on Saturday. OK. 9:25 isn’t that early, but we had been out to celebrate Mike Mulcahy becoming old on Friday night. We all crowded into the snug in Nancy Blakes for a few hours of fun and conversation, met some of Mike’s old college buddies and tried to decide if Nev or Maria would be the best Iago. I hadn’t read Othello before, so i picked up a copy in Eason’s and skimmed it. Now I am quite worried that a number of people are willing to play Iago to my Othello. Maybe I don’t have as many friends as I like to imagine. In any case I think a Maria vs Nev to play Iago would make a good poll for our Wireless POLL of the week. Non wireless group members can voice their opinions in the comments.

Hilary was in Dublinfor the weekend, and a bit before and a bit after; so that was my reason for visiting. We had dinner and went drinking. Or at least I went drinking, Hilary had already started without me. Dinner was great fun, lots of catching up with side orders of mirth and hilarity and people looking at the crazy couple who were making lots of noise. We weren’t even pretending to be a couple but Hilary was tipsy and had this dominating “I’m in charge and ordering everything” thing going on, and I did eat a lot of her main course.

A lot of people were wondering where Jamie was (Funny that none of them were ex-Broadcom people). Jamie was in Southampton and so the inevitable follow-up question was “you are meeting Hilary by herself!. Will he (Jamie) be ok with that?”. Hilary’s reaction was of course Jamie would expect us to get together for dinner, and what did people expect that we would run away together!!! So we put together a plan whereby we would run away together and live off credit cards, but it fell apart at the point where we had to fake our own deaths (its not a good running away plan if someone doesn’t get to fake their own death). The main problems were the fact that we would have to wait 7 years to claim life insurance without a body, and that neither Hilary nor I have life insurance and what would Jamie do. I maintained that if we weren’t going to run away together then at least I was entitled to a frankenbear or an onkey. But in the end we just settled for defrauding some random company into paying for dinner under somewhat less than true circumstances.

After dinner we went to Dakota to meet up with some ex-Broadcomers. It was Emer’s birthday so she was out with Tommy and Dave, who is just back from Australia joined us as well. Emer is the first person I interviewed for Bradocom when I got back from America and had a bit of a shock realising she was/is older than I remebered (or imagined) her to be. Maybe I am spending too long in collge. In any case we all get older sooner or later. Even Hilary…

Anyway, we broke up early in the morning and I headed back to Adrian and Lavinia’s on the Nitelink. I like staying with them. It is the only place I have ever rented that I can still go back to and the apartment is much more comftrable now than when Adrian and I were living on concrete floors with minimal furniture. I now owe them big time, as they stepped in at the last minute and offered me somewhere to stay, even knowing that I wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time hanging out. So we just have to juggle schedules after Mother’s Day, Easter, trips to malaga, paris, beijing and warsaw and a couple of weddings and see what falls out as a free weekend for all of us.

Got the 14:05 train home on Sunday, which meant I missed the rugby match. In fact I missed all the rugby matches this weekend!! But Wales and Ireland did well in spite of this and it still looks on for a decider in Cardiff.

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  1. Hilary Says:

    This was just unfair posting Mr. Mike! I arrived back inthe country yesterday evening. Being greeted at the airport smiling nicely to be asked “So, you’re running away with Mike, are you?”.

    Now, given how tipsy I was when we had that conversation, it was hard to understand what the poor man was on about – he does tend to be fairly random at the best of times.

    Just give a girl more time, some warning before posting these conversations…

  2. mgb Says:

    Being greeted at the airport smiling nicely to be asked “So, you’re running away with Mike, are you?”

    Well either Jamie didn’t believe we were running away together, or you got a REALLY BAD start at it.

    And nobody got to fake their own death!!!!!

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