Yoga was hard last night, after the sun salutations very little seemed right or comfortable. And I thought my Karma was good after practicing (somewhat) during the week and running with mike yesterday as well. Probably skipping weights in the gym on Monday is to blame.

After a swim and sauna, I eneded up going for beer with Danny and Nev for medicinal purposes. Danny is doing a study where he has to consume EXACTLY the same foods etc for two weeks. And last Tuesday he had a number of beers. So Nev and I did our duty and assisted his studies last night. Conversation was a bit wierd covering college, politics, pregnancy, diverse conspiracies etc, often at the same time!!!!!

This morning even though I left on time, I missed the 10am bus to UL, which is something I haven’t done in months. Bah humbug!

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  1. Hilary Says:

    10am bus?
    Bloody students!

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