Shakespeare in the City

As part of our continuing efforts to improve ourselves/dstract ourselves from not having a TV; it has been suggested that we do a reading of one or more Shakespearean plays in our apartment.

This has quickly snowballed into planning for an evening of alcohol, canapes and Shakespeare. By invitation only, with all invitees expected to take/perform(!)/read a role. No watchers on (People who reside in the apartment and their significant others and the significant others of the cast are exempt).

On Nev’s suggestion the first effort will be Othello, as he (and a lot of the “cast” have studied it for the leaving cert.) So far we don’t have a lot of the charcaters cast yet. Or if we do I can’t remember them. We do however have a dispute over who (and how many) should be Iago. The cast as it stands is (including stuff I just made up)

Othello, a noble Moor, in the service of Venice: mgb
Cassio, his Lieutenant: ben?
Iago, his Ancient: nev/ronan or maria
Roderigo, a Venetian Gentleman: danny
Desdemona, Daughter to Brabantio, and Wife to Othello: one of the failed Iagos
, Wife to Iago: one of the failed Iagos
, Mistress to Cassio: joanne?
Brabantio, a Senator: mikem?
Duke of Venice: edu?
Gratiano, Brother to Brabantio: edu?
Montano, Othello’s predecessor in the government of Cyprus: john?
Other Senators: john?
Clown, Servant to Othello: billy?
Herald: billy?
Lodovico, Kinsman to Brabantio: billy?
Miscellaneous: Officers, Gentlemen, Messenger, Musicians, Herald, Sailor, Attendants, etc: billy?, john?, edu?

The Nev/Ronan playing Iago as a schizophrenic versus the Maria playing Iago as herself debate is still ongoing. So far there is a 70% showing for Maria in the Wireless Group POLL. But foul play is suspected as some people may have voted more than once. I know I did!!! Feel free to add your own opinions as to who should be Iago. Suggestions/changes for any other roles are also welcome.

The text of Othello is availble online from Project Gutenberg

Follow on plays already identified are The Merchant of Venice, MacBeth and King Lear

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  1. Jamie Says:

    Ok, there’s no way I’m going to visit you now… I’d only be drawn into some sort of Shakespearean nightmare. –shudder–

  2. mgb Says:

    ummm. a shakespearean nightmare like this one!!

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