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I came in a wee bit late this morning; but just in time for coffee – coffee time is great; it imposes an upper bound on how late one can get out of bed, get the 10:40 bus and still have time to acquire a bittle of water and a morning dose of carbohydrates (in this case a blueberry muffin) and make it to the lab for brown caffinated beverages and conversation.

This morning in my semi-comatose, albeit muffined and watered, state I discover that not only is the wireless group weekly meeting moved 2.5 hours earlier12:00 this morning, so I have no time to prepare my presentation, but also it would be great if someone were to write up a review of SSMH from Friday night for the Student Newspaper. And that it is due tomorrow!!!

First things first, the presentation went fine, 3 whiteboards worth of diagrammatic goodness framed in an interactive 40 mins monologue interspersed with a few flashes of inspiration, a couple of insightful questions and a lot of “did someone write that down?”. In other words, the usual. Sean likes it (he may be too close to it), Ronan doesn’t, Maria and Nev seemed happy, Edu thought it was nice presentation of a good idea. Billy wasn’t there (bad Billy!!) and there is A LOT of work to be done yet.

So with a lot of work to do this is the ideal time to write about Friday’s gig. The next bit may even make it into An Focal. So any suggestions, witticisims and comments will be appreciated, if unacknowledged ;-)

Went with the lads to Super Smash Monkey House in The Stables on Friday night last. Now some might say we have a vested intrest in the band’s success just so we can have some peace and quiet around the office and so Skitz and Maz won’t be all stresses out for weeks before a gig. But when your friends are in a band you are kind of obligied to turn up. Lucky for me then that SSMH are quite good at what they do!!

Super Smash Monkey house is an all singing, all dancing UL postgrad, postdoc and just plain graduate covers band without the all dancing bit. As a covers band their repetoire caters for every taste, but it is obvious that the band has a leaninfg towards the rockier/trashier side of the charts especially the lead singer Maz who really comes alive for Zombie (ironically enough) , 99 Red Ballons (especially the German verse) and Angel of Harlem. Marcus the Bass Guitarist stands in a lead singer now and again for Fisherman’s Blues and Late Night Radio. Which is just as well as he has a dedicated and devoted following and cries of “we want Marcus” echoed around the bar sporadically. Skitz is the lead guitarist and overall get-it-together guy whose inspirations are quite obviously Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics and Oasis. O does backing guitar, keyboard and a mean “Robert Palmer Girl” impression in no particular order. Leon on drums, provides a solid, occasionally inspired backdrop to the occasion. Billy is a sound man!!!!

Much kudos is due to Sorcha and the PSA for turning Friday night into Postgrad night in The Stables. This was SSMHs third gig in The Stables. They debuted here way back in October 2004 and more recently played the Peace Society Tsunami Night in January. There is no disputing the fact that the band are finally beginning to find their feet and now play very well together and are just about ready to leave the cosy confines of UL and venture out for bigger and brighter things. In the meantime more information on the band can be found on their website http://www.ssmh.info with some sample tracks downloadble from http://www.ssmh.info/about

No monkeys were smashed in the writing of this review; although not for lack of trying.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Any chance of changing “occasionally inspired” to “frequently inspired” in describing the efforts of the SSMH drummer ?.. Cos he s0o0o rocks man! :) signed: Err.. A obsessed SSMH fan.

  2. mgb Says:

    Too Late.
    Apparently the Powers that be sent it to the publishers last night. Hopefully after some spellchecking.

    maybe the next review will be more drummer friendly. Assuming he is inspirational enough!!!!!

  3. Dan Sullivan Says:

    He is right you know. nothing posted since he was forced to write by the PtB!

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