Yesterday we had a psuedo-impromptu dinner party in the apartment. Ronan usually cooks dinner for the WAR group on Paddy’s day (well he did it once last year and we were making him do it again this year). But his dad is not well at the moment and he went home to help out and do agricultural stuff. So Nev and I stepped up and offered to cook. Maria chipped in with a starter and so all was set. Ultimately, Mike and John brought dessert and John and Danny brought alcohol and coke (one really needs a hit of coke after a good dinner party)

Most of the day was spent wallowing in domesticity, housework in the morning, followed by a quick run to Superquinn for supplies, a quick detour to my Mothers to steal (umm.. borrow) plates, cutlery, dishes etc and then cooking for the evening. I didn’t go to the parade, but the I haven’t being to the parade since I left secondary school and stopped marching in it.

People started to turn up around 5ish. There was a bit of a scare when maria was having trouble getting in and I couldn’t get through to anyone to help her out (f**king stupid mobile networks). In the end John was able to pick her up and we had a first course :-)

Everything went pretty well. We sat down for dinner just before 6pm and removed to the couches after 8:30. The menu was

Italian Mushrooms (funghi a la maria)
Tomato Salad
Parma Ham
Red Onion Marmalade
Ciabatta Bread
Primo Platti:
Meatballs in spicy sauce
Secondo Platti:
Vegetable Lasagne (not vegetarian lasagne – we didn’t have time to find and mince a vegetarian)
Dessert 1:
Chocolate Torte a la Nev
Dessert 2:
Chocolate Cake a la Mike
Dessert 3:
Cake a la John (untouched due to a surfeit of other dishes)
More Coffee

And then beer, wine, conversation. Entertainment during dinner was provided by a group of girls who started a fight in the pub across the road, which then spilled out on to the streets and ended with 3 cop cars and a paddy wagon turning up and arresting 9 people.

Music was from Nev’s differently eclectic music collection

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Is the parading you used to do Mike?

    Mike on Parade in Limerick!

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