Hunt the man!!

No this doesn’t refer to Ireland’s defeat on Saturday.

Nor to generic Sean searching activities – If I get a 9am bus to UL and spend 30 mins waiting/looking for Sean is that better or worse than getting a 9:30 bus and finding him almost immediatly?

Anyway, Friday I noticed that Jamie’s post “A matter of Death and Life” got a strange comment. And then I got a similar email.

Dear Michael

You were recommended to me as someone who might be suitable for a role within XXXXXX new research centre and if you are interested – I would like to talk to you about these opportunities. Can you get in touch as I am unable to reach you by phone?

Kindest Regards


Now I am not one to complain about this stuff. I have a public persona and web presnce and even some publications, so this kind of thing is to be expected every now and again. And its nice to be wanted by somebody ;-)

All in all I rate this kind of thing as better than spam, although not by much. As a rule, if I reply, I generally write a nice non-commital reply; after all you never know when you want to work for company XXXXXX in the future and there is no point in burning bridges.

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  1. Jamie Says:

    I’m all for burning bridges but, given the choice, I prefer high explosives to make sure that f*cker ain’t never going to be rebuilt.

    I guess that’s one of the (many) reasons why I’m not a wealthy, corrupt politician, why I can count my friends on one hand (with fingers to spare :) and I why I’ve managed to abandon all previous friendships from school, college and 3 defunct companies. Ahhh… just smell that TNT.

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