Magic Maz

Where will Maz turn up next

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  1. Eoin Brazil Says:

    Bet’s on Mike’s lifespan ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There is a scapegoat.

    So while billy is burning Mike shall flee the country, fake his own death and change his name

    Guy Incognito

  3. Maria Says:


    You Bastards!!!!

    I shouldve known something was up when Billy so smirkingly handed me back my wallet. That’ll teach me to be careless…


    PS: Obviously, it goes without saying that both you and Billy will SUFFER. Obviously.

  4. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Valid until ‘07? What’s with the 10 week plan so?

    Also, is there not an element of the young willow about that photo?

  5. mgb Says:

    we thought it was more Alanis Morissette than anything else…

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