Dear Michael
Thank you for taking the time to submit an application for the pilot writers’ retreat in Scotland. Your research is important, and we are very sorry that in this instance you were not selected to participate. Really, all the applicants were worthy of being included, but we had to make a tough decision given that there were so many of you applying for so few places. We tried to select the two candidates who we believed demonstrated the strongest awareness of an appropriate target journal in their area, had carved out a good understanding about what could be achieved in the context of the retreat and appeared most likely to produce a single concrete output on the basis of participating.

However, due to the level of interest and commitment shown by you and other research students, we have decided to go ahead and plan a Limerick based retreat in September or October of this year. We hope that this experience will still be relevant to your needs by then, and once details are finalised, will be in touch to offer you a place.

Many thanks again and the best of luck in progressing your research.

Dr Sarah Moore and Dr Nicholas Rees

Teaching and Learning and Graduate Studies

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