Michael Barry

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Hiho, my name is Michael Barry and I am a native of Limerick, Ireland. I recently finished a PhD in UL.

You can contact me through my blog…email for blog related stuff and using my personal…email for everything else


Everyone needs one of these thesedays, the Internet can be a hostile place. And so.

The blog and associated pages at michael-barry.ie contain my personal opinions, ramblings, ravings, contradictions, inconsistencies and incoherenceies. It in no way reflects the opinions, attitudes or positions of any person, company or organisation that I have been, am, or will be associated with on a business, professional, educational, personal or social basis.

Comments are welcome. I am not responsible for the content of comments, or the opinions of individual commenters. At the same time, I reserve the right to edit and/or delete comments to maintain a sense or ordered, civilised discussion. If you don’t like that then feel free to dedicate your own corner of the Interweb thingy to your own personal opinions.

All things being equal, this is a public space/forum and you can expect that everything you post will be aggregated, scraped and spidered around the Internet to appear on miscellaneous websites, blogs and search engines. Possibly for evermore.