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June 11th, 2004

I can never be a woman!!!

A bunch of us participated in the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon last Monday, 7 June.

As usual Hilary and Jamie are first off the mark with their photos. I haven’t even handed my film in to be developed yet… …Must get digital camera. There is a teaser below. More pics will be online soon.

June 11th, 2004

Rock the Vote!!

Today is election day for the local and european elections and for the anti-citizenship referendum.

I voted for independents and non-government parties in the local elections with low figures going to Win Harrington (ind), Fine Gael, and Labour. In the European elections I voted for FG, Lab and the Greens. I voted against the referendum.

Counting and Results for the local elections and the referendum happens tomorrow and Sunday. Counting for the European elections is being co-ordinated with all the other EU members who vote over the w/e (except the UK which voted Thurs). So no results before Sun evening probably.

Danny is running in the Dublin council elections in Artane for Fine Gael. Good Luck Danny.