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June 16th, 2004

I am not fickle!!

But your opinion may differ. In any case..

Ways I find things: 1. Distraction. Diffuse concentration. Good peripheral vision. I sort of trip over things while researching other things. Google is good for that. You type in [herrings "school of'], and it gives you nineteen herrings and a coelacanth. If you’re as distractable as I am, you wander off to have a look at the coelacanth. 2. I’ll be researching something else, and one of the sources I find will remind me of something else I’ve always wanted to know more about. This is sort of like the preceding item, but you supply your own coelacanth. 3. Somebody tells me about it. 4. Somebody tells me about something, but when I get there I find myself wandering into another part of the site where I find something else I like better. 5. A day or two after I put up a new post, I go to Technorati to see who’s said what about it. I follow the links, and when I get to that weblog there’s usually some other interesting stuff. 6. Sometimes I’ll take some common turn of phrase and google on it to see what turns up. 7. Some sites, like Ray Girvan’s Apothecary’s Drawer, have links that are like falling down the rabbit’s hole. 8. Miscellaneous other. 9. I’m not sure the foregoing isn’t just seven different ways to say one thing, and one way to say another.